Is Low EMF Clearlight Worth It? A Complete Buyer's Guide To Clearlight Infrared Saunas

Is Low EMF Clearlight Worth It? A Complete Buyer's Guide To Clearlight Infrared Saunas

A Complete Buyer's Guide To Low EMF Clearlight Saunas

Clearlight is a name that has come to be associated with high-quality infrared saunas. They are noted for their innovative approach to manufacturing and design, as well as their dedication to employing the best materials and technologies available. In this post, we will look at how Clearlight manufactures their infrared saunas, why they are the industry leader, and what makes each of their saunas unique.


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I. Manufacturing Process

Clearlight manufactures their saunas with Eco-certified Canadian Western Red Cedar, which is noted for its durability and pest and rot resistance. The saunas are constructed using tongue and groove panels, which ensures a tight fit and allows for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Clearlight also employs double-wall construction with insulation between the walls, which aids in temperature control and reduces energy use.

One of the key features of Clearlight saunas is their True Wave far infrared technology. This technology combines carbon and ceramic heaters to generate a moderate, yet effective, heat that penetrates deep into the body. The heaters are positioned to completely encircle the user, increasing the effects of infrared treatment.


II. Why Clearlight Is A Top Choice

Clearlight saunas are one of the market's top infrared saunas for a variety of reasons. They are simple to install, use, and maintain, and the heaters and electrical components are guaranteed for life. Clearlight also provides outstanding customer service, with a staff of educated experts on hand to address any inquiries or issues.

The high quality of infrared therapy with minimal EMF provided by Clearlight saunas is another reason they are so popular. True Wave far infrared technology has been clinically demonstrated to deliver a wide range of health advantages, including pain alleviation, better circulation, and detoxification.


III. What Reddit Users Have to Say About Clearlight

Clearlight saunas have sparked debate on Reddit, with users complimenting its quality, longevity, and effectiveness as an infrared option. Among the common threads are:

Many customers claim considerable health advantages from utilizing a Clearlight sauna on a daily basis, including increased sleep, reduced pain and inflammation, and enhanced general well-being.

Numerous people have praised Clearlight's great customer care, which includes quick response times and useful assistance.

Some Reddit users have stated that they measured the EMF levels in their Clearlight saunas and discovered that they were substantially lower than other brands. According to one member on the r/sauna forum, the EMF levels in their Clearlight sauna were less than 1 milligauss (mG), compared to values of 5-10 mG in other saunas.

Several users have emphasized the importance of Clearlight's commitment to minimal EMF emissions, given the presence of electromagnetic radiation in our modern surroundings. Because so many electrical devices release EMFs, it is critical to limit exposure wherever feasible.

Generally, Reddit users appear to value Clearlight's low EMF technology, with many mentioning it as a critical component in their decision to acquire a Clearlight sauna. This demonstrates the significance of safety and quality in the sauna sector, as well as Clearlight's leadership in these areas.


IV. Heated Debate: Can An Infrared Sauna Be Considered A Sauna?

While infrared saunas have become increasingly popular in recent years, there are still debates among sauna enthusiasts over whether they can be considered a true sauna in the traditional sense. Here are some arguments from both sides of the debate, as discussed on Reddit:

Arguments for Infrared Saunas Being Considered a Sauna:

  1. Heat is heat - Proponents of infrared saunas argue that the most important aspect of a sauna is the heat, and infrared saunas deliver that heat in a different way than traditional saunas. Infrared saunas use infrared rays to heat the body directly, while traditional saunas heat the air around the body. But regardless of the method, both types of saunas provide a similar overall experience of sweating and relaxation.

  2. Infrared saunas have therapeutic benefits - Another argument in favor of infrared saunas is that they provide therapeutic benefits that traditional saunas may not. For example, infrared saunas are thought to penetrate deeper into the body, which can help with detoxification, pain relief, and other health issues. Additionally, the lower temperatures in infrared saunas may be more comfortable for some users, making it easier to stay in the sauna for longer periods of time and reap the benefits.

Arguments Against Infrared Saunas Being Considered a Sauna:

  1. Lack of steam - Some traditional sauna enthusiasts argue that the lack of steam in infrared saunas means they cannot be considered a true sauna. They believe that the steam in traditional saunas is an important part of the experience, as it helps to create a humid and relaxing environment that is not present in infrared saunas.

  2. Infrared saunas are just simply not as hot - Another argument against infrared saunas being considered a sauna is that they do not get as hot as traditional saunas. While the temperature in an infrared sauna may reach up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, traditional saunas can reach temperatures of 200 degrees or more. Some users argue that the higher temperatures are necessary for a true sauna experience.

Ultimately, whether or not you consider infrared saunas to be a true sauna is a matter of personal opinion. While they may not provide the same experience as traditional saunas, they offer a unique set of benefits and advantages that make them a popular choice for many users. Whether you prefer the steamy heat of a traditional sauna or the deep-penetrating warmth of an infrared sauna, the most important thing is finding a sauna that works for you and helps you achieve your wellness goals.


V. The Top 3 Most Popular Clearlight Infrared Saunas To Purchase

Here are the top three most popular Clearlight infrared saunas, as rated by customers and sales:

Sanctuary 3 - The Sanctuary 3 is a three-person sauna that offers a spacious interior and advanced features like chromotherapy lighting and a built-in sound system. Customers love the complete glass front, which gives the sauna a light and spacious feel. The low EMF and ELF ratings, along with the sustainably harvested cedar wood, make this sauna a top choice for health-conscious customers.

Premier IS-5 - Clearlight's True Wave full spectrum infrared technology, low EMF and ELF ratings, and a lifetime warranty on heaters and electrical components are among the features and benefits of the Premier IS-5, a five-person sauna. Consumers like the roomy interior and the ability to select between near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths based on their needs.

The Sanctuary 2 - A two-person sauna with many of the same characteristics as the Sanctuary 3, such as Clearlight's patented True Wave full spectrum infrared technology, low EMF and ELF ratings, and sustainably harvested cedar wood. Consumers like the built-in sound system and chromotherapy lighting, as well as the sauna's smaller size, which makes it excellent for small spaces.


VI. Clearlight Infrared Home Sauna Lineup

Clearlight offers a range of saunas to suit different needs and preferences. Below is a rundown of their sauna lineup:

Premier Cedar Saunas: Offered in one, two, or three-person configurations, these saunas use Eco-certified Canada Western Red Cedar and include True Wave far infrared technology. The heaters and electrical components are also guaranteed for life.

Sanctuary Cedar Saunas: Available in one and two-person sizes, these saunas use the same True Wave far infrared technology as the Premier saunas. They are space-saving and come with a lifetime warranty on the heaters and electrical components.

Sanctuary 2 Full Spectrum Sauna: Designed to deliver both far and near-infrared therapy, this sauna has carbon and ceramic heaters as well as LED light therapy. It is available in one or two-person configurations and includes a lifetime warranty on the heaters and electrical components.

Clearlight Curve Dome: Designed for focused heat therapy, this sauna has a curved dome design that enables for a comfortable and effective full-body treatment. The heaters and electrical components are guaranteed for life.

VII. Celebrity Endorsements 

Clearlight has garnered a following among celebrities and health experts, who have endorsed the brand as their infrared sauna of choice. Here are some notable individuals who have spoken out about their positive experiences with Clearlight saunas:

  1. Dr. Joseph Mercola - Dr. Mercola is a well-known alternative medicine expert and health advocate who has praised Clearlight saunas for their ability to promote detoxification and improve overall health. He has also recommended Clearlight saunas as a tool for reducing electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure in the home.

  2. Tony Robbins - The renowned life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins has spoken about the benefits of using a Clearlight sauna for relaxation and stress relief. He credits regular sauna sessions with helping him maintain a healthy weight and a positive mindset.

  3. Mark Sisson - Mark Sisson is a bestselling author and health expert who has endorsed Clearlight saunas as a tool for achieving optimal health. He has praised the brand's use of high-quality materials and advanced technology, and he has recommended Clearlight saunas for their ability to support detoxification and improve metabolic function.

  4. Ben Greenfield - Ben Greenfield is a fitness expert and biohacker who has spoken about the benefits of using a Clearlight sauna for improving athletic performance and recovery. He has praised the brand's use of far infrared technology and their commitment to using non-toxic materials.

  5. Jennifer Aniston - The actress and wellness advocate Jennifer Aniston has also endorsed Clearlight saunas, citing their ability to promote relaxation and improve skin health. She has spoken about her love for sauna sessions as a way to unwind and take care of her body.


VIII. About Clearlight

Dr. Raleigh Duncan, a chiropractor and wellness advocate, and his wife Rita established Clearlight Saunas in 1999. Dr. Duncan had been utilizing saunas to help patients detoxify and heal in his chiropractic office, and he saw the potential for infrared technology to take sauna therapy to the next level.

The Duncans desired to construct a sauna that was not only helpful in promoting health and wellness but also safe and comfortable to use. They collaborated with engineers and scientists to create a sauna that delivered a therapeutic infrared experience using low-EMF, non-toxic materials and superior heating technology.

The first Clearlight sauna was introduced in 2001, and the company immediately established a reputation for quality and efficacy. Clearlight saunas are now distributed all over the world and are regarded as one of the leading brands in the infrared sauna market.

Dr. Duncan continues to be a driving force behind the business, innovating and improving Clearlight saunas to meet the evolving needs of its clients. His dedication to offering a safe, effective, and pleasurable infrared sauna experience drives all Clearlight accomplishes.

Clearlight saunas have a variety of certifications that show their dedication to quality and safety. Here below are some of their notable qualifications:


Low EMF and ELF Ratings - Clearlight saunas are tested by third-party labs to ensure that they emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation. The saunas have been shown to emit EMF levels that are well below the industry standard, making them safe for everyday use.


Non-Toxic Materials - Clearlight saunas are made with non-toxic materials, including sustainably harvested Canadian cedar wood and non-toxic glues and finishes. This ensures that customers are not exposed to harmful chemicals during their sauna sessions.


Quality Certifications - Clearlight saunas have earned a number of quality certifications, including UL certification, CE certification, and the RoHS Directive compliance. These certifications demonstrate that Clearlight saunas meet rigorous safety and quality standards.


Lifetime Warranty - Clearlight saunas come with a lifetime warranty on heaters and electrical components, showing their commitment to standing behind the quality of their products and ensuring customer satisfaction.


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