Natural Gas Fire Pits For Sale In 2023: How Fire Pit Inserts Simplify Your DIY Project

Natural Gas Fire Pits For Sale In 2023: How Fire Pit Inserts Simplify Your DIY Project

A Natural Gas Fire Pit Project 

A natural gas fire pit is a great addition to your space for more reasons that one.

  • Eco-friendly: Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions compared to other fuel sources like wood or propane.


  • Cost-effective: Natural gas is typically less expensive than propane, making it a more affordable option for long-term use.


  • Convenience: With a natural gas fire pit, there's no need to worry about refilling propane tanks or dealing with the mess and smoke from burning wood.


When it comes to fire pits, there are benefits to building a natural gas fire pit yourself. Instead of buying one pre-made. This is where a fire pit insert comes in. When you build your own fire pit you can custom design it to any dimensions. You can then have a custom fire pit insert made to fit. 


  • Tailored design: A custom fire pit can be designed to fit the specific dimensions and style of your outdoor space.


  • Functionality: Custom fire pits can include added features like seating, storage, or cooking surfaces to suit your needs.


  • Increased home value: A well-designed and functional fire pit can enhance your outdoor living area and potentially increase your property value.


A Solution for Simplifying DIY Fire Pit Projects

A gas fire pit kit insert is a pre-assembled and ready-to-install unit that includes the necessary components for a natural gas or propane fire pit. These kits typically consist of a burner, gas connection, ignition system, and fire pit media, such as lava rocks or fire glass.


Benefits of Using a Kit Insert

  • Simplified installation: Gas fire pit kit inserts come with pre-assembled components and step-by-step instructions, making the installation process easier and less time-consuming.
  • Customization: With various burner shapes, sizes, and fire pit media options, you can create a unique fire pit that suits your style and needs.]
  • Safety: Kit inserts often include built-in safety features and certified components to ensure a safe and proper installation.

For a selection of fire pit kits and accessories, visit Backyard Escapism's fire pit collection and fire pit inserts.

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Components of a Gas Fire Pit Kit Insert

Types of Burners

Gas fire pit kit inserts come with various types of burners, such as linear, round, or square, allowing you to choose a shape that best complements your fire pit design.

Burner Size and Shape Considerations

When selecting a burner, consider the size and shape of your fire pit to ensure a proper fit and optimal heat output. Larger burners provide more heat but may require a larger gas supply.


Manual vs. Electronic Ignition

Manual ignition systems require you to light the burner with a match or lighter, while electronic ignition systems are ignited with the push of a button. Electronic systems offer greater convenience and safety, but they can be more expensive.

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Each
  • Manual Ignition: Less expensive, easier to maintain, but requires manual lighting and may pose a safety risk if not properly handled.
  • Electronic Ignition: More convenient, safer, and offers better flame control, but can be more expensive and may require professional installation.


Fire Pit Media

a. Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are a popular and affordable fire pit media option. They provide a natural and rustic appearance, retain heat well, and help disperse the flame evenly.


b. Fire Glass

Fire glass is a more modern and stylish option, available in various colors and shapes. It provides a reflective surface that enhances the appearance of the flame, but it can be more expensive than lava rocks.


c. Other Options

Some other fire pit media options include ceramic logs, stones, and decorative shapes. Choose a media that complements your fire pit design and style.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gas Fire Pit Kit Insert

When selecting a gas fire pit kit insert, consider the size and layout of your outdoor space to ensure your fire pit fits comfortably and safely within the area.

Determine whether your fire pit will be fueled by natural gas or propane, based on availability and cost in your area. This will help you choose the appropriate gas fire pit kit insert for your project.

Consider the accessibility and cost of your chosen fuel type to ensure it's a practical option for your fire pit project.

Gas fire pit kit inserts are available in a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end luxury models. Determine your budget before shopping to help you make an informed decision.

Keep in mind that additional costs, such as professional installation, fire pit media, and accessories, may be required when budgeting for your gas fire pit kit insert.

Gas fire pit kit inserts offer simplified installation, customization options, and enhanced safety features, making them an ideal choice for DIY fire pit projects. By using a gas fire pit kit insert, you can save time, effort, and potentially money while creating a custom fire pit that reflects your unique style and preferences.

For more information on gas fire pit kit inserts, fire pit styles, and materials, visit Backyard Escapism. You can also join online communities and forums for DIY fire pit enthusiasts to ask questions, share experiences, and get inspired. If you require professional assistance or consultation, consider contacting a local expert or contractor to guide you through the process.


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