Gas Fire Pit Tables


We answer some commonly asked questions about gas fire pit tables.

The perfect size for your natural gas fire pit table depends on your outdoor space and your entertaining style. Smaller tables (around 32" ) provide a warm, intimate setting, while larger ones (up to 60" or more) create a grand focal point for larger gatherings. Assess your outdoor area and consider how you want to arrange your furniture for maximum comfort and conversation.

Safety first! Always follow local building codes and manufacturer guidelines for safe clearances. Typically, you'll want to maintain a minimum distance of 10-20 feet between your natural gas fire pit table and any structures. This helps to prevent potential fire hazards and keeps your entertaining space safe.

Yes, you can enjoy the warmth of a natural gas fire pit table under a covered patio! But, make sure you stick to local building codes and manufacturer instructions for proper clearances and ventilation. Installing a vent hood or other safety measures can help reduce risks associated with fire and carbon monoxide buildup.

Add some flair to your natural gas fire pit table with eye-catching fire media like lava rocks, dazzling fire glass beads, ceramic logs, or stones. Choose a style that complements your table.

For a safe and worry-free experience, have a licensed professional handle the installation of your natural gas fire pit table. They'll connect the burner to the natural gas supply line, ensuring proper installation, local code compliance, and safe operation. And, of course, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for assembling and setting up your fire pit table.

Absolutely! But to protect your wooden deck from heat and potential damage, place a heat-resistant, non-combustible pad or mat beneath the fire pit table. Adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for safe clearances and operation, and always check local building codes to ensure compliance.

Elevate your natural gas fire pit table experience with accessories like burner covers, wind guards, grill grates, and custom covers. These add-ons not only enhance the appearance but also improve functionality and safety. Make sure to choose accessories compatible with your fire pit table model and design.

Keep your natural gas fire pit table looking and functioning like new with regular cleaning and maintenance. Wipe down the table surface with mild soap and water, and remove any debris from the burner and fire media. Inspect the gas lines and connections for any issues, and address them promptly. Using a custom cover can also help protect your fire pit table from the elements when not in use.

While natural gas fire pit tables aren't specifically designed for cooking, you can still grill some tasty treats with the help of a compatible grill grate accessory. Keep in mind that cooking on a fire pit table may leave residue and require additional cleaning. So, grab those skewers and enjoy some mouth-watering delights with friends and family!

If you live in an area with harsh winters, it's important to properly winterize your natural gas fire pit table. Disconnect the gas line, drain any remaining water, and clean the fire pit table thoroughly. Store any removable components indoors, and cover the fire pit table with a weather-resistant cover to protect it from snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.