How To Build Custom Golf Carts With Us: A Complete Guide

How To Build Custom Golf Carts With Us: A Complete Guide

Build Custom Golf Carts Here At Backyard Escapism

All Custom

Choose your roof, seat, and exterior colors to match your style.

Luxury Models

From 4 to 6 seaters to 8 seaters with advanced features for comfort and style.

Advanced Tech 

Equipped with lithium batteries, LED lights, and multimedia screens for an unparalleled experience.

Direct to Consumer

Luxury golf carts delivered directly to you, ensuring the best value for your investment.


Custom golf carts have transcended the traditional boundaries of golf courses, evolving into a symbol of luxury, personal expression, and outdoor adventure. At Backyard Escapism, we specialize in crafting high-end electric golf carts that offer not just mobility, but an elevated experience for every golf cart enthusiast.

Whether you're cruising through your neighborhood, managing large properties, conducting tours, or hitting the beach, our custom golf carts are designed to meet every need with style, efficiency, and performance.


Considerations When Choosing a Custom Golf Cart

  1. Size and seating capacity
  2. Battery life and performance
  3. Customization options
  4. Advanced features and technology
  5. Price and value for investment


Our Golf Cart Technology

Advancements in golf cart technology offer a smoother, more enjoyable ride with sustainability in mind. Our golf carts come equipped with lithium batteries for longer range and lifespan. Independent coil over suspension with 4-wheel disc brakes. They feature LED lights for enhanced visibility and safety, and multimedia screens with Apple Carplay and bluetooth audio at your fingertips.


Standard Features On Our Golf Carts 

  1. Lithium-ion batteries for extended range and efficiency.
  2. LED lighting and blinkers for enhanced visibility and aesthetics.
  3. 10" Multimedia screens for on-the-go entertainment.
  4. Lifted suspensions for superior off-road capability.
  5. Alloy wheels for added strength and style.
  6. 4-wheel disc brakes for superior stopping power.
  7. Independent front and rear suspension for incredible ride comfort.
  8. Street legal components, an MCO, and a 17-Digit VIN.


    Deep Dive into Your Customization Options at Backyard Escapism

    Here at Backyard Escapism we offer a comprehensive suite of customization options for our luxury golf carts, allowing customers to truly personalize their vehicles. Here's an overview of the options:


    Exterior Color Customization: Choose any Pantone color for the exterior to match your unique style. For inspiration, here's a directory of metallic shimmer colors on Pinterest we use as a guide. Any one of these can be requested, you simply share the Pantone code with us when you fill out your customization form. 



      Wheel Customization: Options include standard alloy, black, or any Pantone color of your choice.



        Seat Fabric Selection: A variety of popular choices are available, including the option for a two-tone look by selecting two colors.


        Stitching and Piping Customization: Tailor the stitching and piping on the seats to complement your overall color scheme.


        Roof Color Options: Choose from black, match the exterior, match the seats, or any really color you prefer for the roof.



          Additional Add-On Features:

          • Add an ECOXGEAR soundbar or a brush guard for functionality and flair.

          • Opt for LED lighting underglow and around the roof for ambiance and visibility.

          • Windshield choices include a standard or tinted flip-down windshield, or a full-length windshield with an automatic wiper system for convenience and protection.



          How To Customize, Save, And Checkout With Your Golf Cart


          Step 1: Visit any golf cart product page.


          Step 2: Hit the "Customize" button to open our form. (It's also linked at the top of this page)


          Step 3: Answer each question to save your customizations.



          Step 4: Submit the form, receive an estimate via email.


          Step 5: Checkout on the site and we'll apply your custom selections to your order. 


          Step 6: Sit back and relax while we build and ship your cart to your doorstep. 



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