10 Reasons Why Hailey Bieber Uses An Infrared Sauna Followed By Cold Plunge In What's Known As Contrast Therapy

10 Reasons Why Hailey Bieber Uses An Infrared Sauna Followed By Cold Plunge In What's Known As Contrast Therapy

A Peek into Hailey Bieber's Backyard Sauna & Cold Plunge Wellness Routine

So, you’ve seen the Instagram posts and the tabloid headlines, and now you're curious. How does Hailey Bieber maintain that vibrant glow and unshakeable vitality? Today we're dishing the details about Bieber’s secret weapon: Contrast Therapy. You can recreate this wellness routine yourself, right in your own backyard. Whether you’re a committed wellness warrior or a curious newcomer, read on and discover why Bieber, among others, swears by contrast therapy. We’ll get you excited about outdoor saunas and cold plunges!



Contrast therapy involves alternating between hot and cold treatments. For Bieber, it means stepping into a hot, invigorating infrared sauna, then making a refreshing dash to a chilly cold plunge pool. It's a heat-shock, cold-shock kind of situation, that, admittedly, sounds a bit extreme. But, trust us, it’s worth it.

Why? Two words: health benefits. As your body is enveloped by the soothing warmth, you're not just basking in luxurious heat—you're ramping up your overall well-being. You'll be surprised at the magic that happens when you brave the heat and the chill.

Okay, now let's get this party started. Here are ten of the top reasons why Hailey Bieber swears by the benefits of contrast therapy and why you may want to consider introducing this supercharged wellness routine into your life.


The Alluring Heat: The Power of Saunas For Health Benefits

The Health Amplifier

Saunas and health go together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, Bieber and Baldwin. The Finnish have long recognized the healing power of saunas, and infrared saunas have been a game-changer, making the benefits of saunas accessible to everyone—celebrities and ordinary folks alike.

Our infrared saunas and hybrid saunas use light to create heat. They penetrate deeper into the body, ramping up your sweat and giving your body a more intense detox session. Want proof? Take a peek at the science behind it.


The Stress Buster

Stress is like that uninvited party guest. We've all got it, but nobody really wants it. Here's the good news: short bursts of heat stress, like those induced by infrared saunas, help your body fight off that pesky intruder. Exposure to heat can up-regulate proteins and genes in the body, preparing it to combat stress effectively.


The Mood Lifter

Infrared saunas aren't just for your body—they're also for your mind. They can give you that much-needed mood boost, primarily by ramping up your norepinephrine levels. This hormone, norepinephrine, is a fascinating little multitasker. It's involved in a lot of your body's responses to stress, but perhaps its most exciting role is in your brain, where it acts as a neurotransmitter. This means it plays a part in controlling your mood, attention, and overall sense of well-being.

An uptick in norepinephrine levels has been linked to improved mood and a decrease in depressive symptoms. So, after a long day, stepping into your personal infrared sauna can act as a natural mood enhancer, helping you shake off the day's stresses and shift into relaxation mode. After all, self-care is more than just pampering—it's about nourishing your mental health too.


The Muscle Builder and Performer

Here’s one for the fitness enthusiasts: infrared saunas can potentially enhance muscle mass, strength, aerobic endurance, and mitochondrial biogenesis, especially in muscle tissue. It's like having a mini workout just by sitting and relaxing! You might want to check our post on sauna use before and after working out for optimal timing and duration.

Let’s wrap up this heated conversation with a final takeaway: an infrared sauna isn’t just a luxury—it’s a health investment. And with our broad range of outdoor infrared saunas and traditional outdoor saunas, we have the perfect one just for you. So, ready to turn up the heat? Hailey Bieber style?


The Chilling Dive: The Magic of Cold Plunges

Now that you're all warmed up, it's time to cool down. Let's switch gears and dive into the refreshing world of cold plunges. Brace yourself to be a bit chilly, but like we said, it's so worth it!


The Brain Booster

Cold plunges aren't just invigorating—they're smart, too. When you immerse yourself in cold water, you activate what's known as cold shock proteins. The result? You could potentially enhance longevity and decrease the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Now that's a brainy move! For more on the intricate science of cold plunges, we invite you to visit this insightful blog post.


The Inflammation Reducer

Inflammation, while necessary for healing, can sometimes overstay its welcome, leading to chronic diseases. One of the great benefits of cold plunges is their ability to decrease inflammation by increasing norepinephrine levels. Yes, it's a mouthful, but what it essentially means is that your body is better equipped to keep inflammation at bay.


The Perfect Balance: The Yin and Yang of Contrast Therapy

At this point, you might be wondering, "Why not just stick to saunas or cold plunges? Why alternate between the two?" Well, contrast therapy—the delicate dance of hot and cold—is where the magic truly happens. By transitioning between heat and chill, you create a dynamic duo that's greater than the sum of its parts.


The Optimal Sleep Enhancer

By alternating between a sauna and a cold plunge before bed, you can increase REM sleep and enjoy a more restful night. On the other hand, starting your day with contrast therapy can boost your energy and alertness. Whether you're a morning lark or a night owl, you can tailor your contrast therapy schedule to your needs. Want to delve deeper into this? Check out our article on the best time to use a sauna.


The Overall Health Improver

Contrast therapy isn't just for the athletic or adventurous—it's for anyone seeking to improve their overall health. Whether you have low immunity, autoimmunity, inflammation, or you're just feeling a bit sluggish, contrast therapy can provide a much-needed wellness boost.

The Immunity Enhancer

Ready for an immune system boost? Habitual cold exposure can improve immune system activation and the production of beneficial lymphocytes, including cytotoxic T lymphocytes. These fancy-named cells play a role in killing cancer cells. So, when you're taking that invigorating dip, remember: you're not just bracing the cold—you're strengthening your immune system. Who knew wellness could be so cool?


The Weight Manager

Weight management isn't just about hitting the gym or adopting a strict diet. Interestingly, cold plunges might contribute to weight loss by stimulating non-shivering thermogenesis. This process transforms stored energy in fat into heat. In essence, you're burning calories while keeping your cool. That's what we call a win-win situation!


The Antioxidant Producer

Last, but certainly not least, let's talk about antioxidants. Cold exposure can up-regulate the production of powerful antioxidants, such as glutathione reductase and superoxide dismutase, which help counteract reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in the body. In other words, a cold plunge can turn your body into an antioxidant-producing powerhouse.

So, the chill you feel when diving into a cold plunge? That's the sensation of your body amplifying its defenses and supercharging your wellness. When you're ready to take the plunge (pun intended), be sure to explore our collection of cold plunges to find the perfect fit for your backyard.


The Longevity Booster

The health benefits of contrast therapy go beyond the immediate rush. They extend to long-term wellness and even longevity. Regular cold exposure activates cold shock proteins, which help safeguard your brain and other vital organs against stress. This not only helps to ward off neurodegenerative diseases but also promotes healthy aging. Now that's what we call a lasting impact!


The Athlete's Secret

Contrast therapy isn't only for celebrities and wellness enthusiasts. It's a secret weapon among athletes too. By immersing yourself in a sauna followed by a cold plunge, you can enhance muscle mass, strength, aerobic endurance, and mitochondrial biogenesis in tissues, particularly muscle tissue. For more details on this, read our article on how to improve athletic recovery and performance with traditional sauna heat therapy.


The Whole-Body Healer

Contrast therapy is a whole-body healer, benefiting every system in your body—from your skin and muscles to your heart and brain. The hot and cold exposure enhances blood flow, eliminates toxins, boosts mood, improves sleep, and even bolsters the immune system. Now, who wouldn't want to sign up for that?


Contrast Therapy Is Worth A Good Look Into

Now you understand why Hailey Bieber swears by contrast therapy. It's not just about the invigorating experience—it's about the health benefits that come with it. From muscle enhancement and mood boosting to inflammation reduction and weight management, the reasons are more than convincing. They're transformative.

Ready to make your backyard a wellness oasis like Hailey Bieber? At Backyard Escapism, we offer premium quality, well-designed products that turn your outdoor space into a personal retreat. From outdoor barrel saunas to cold plunges, we have everything you need to achieve your wellness vision.

Remember: wellness is not a destination—it's a journey. And with contrast therapy, that journey just got a whole lot more exciting!


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