Wood Fired Pizza Oven Trailers

Looking to take your wood fired pizza-making on the road? These pizza...

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Looking to take your wood fired pizza-making on the road? These pizza oven trailers are perfect for food truck businesses and caterers. Maybe you just want to be able to make pizza wherever you go. We get it. Our collection offers a range of options, including wood-fired and propane pizza ovens on trailers with customizable branding and design. Choose from the popular double axle Carrello trailer with a 4-pizza capacity or go all out with a fully loaded enclosed Ristoratore pizza oven trailer.
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The Ultimate Guide To Wood Fired Pizza Oven Trailers

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some commonly asked questions about mobile pizza oven trailers.

Consider the number of pizzas you plan to serve per hour and the size of your events or locations. Smaller ovens are more portable but may have limited capacity, while larger ovens can handle more pizzas at once but may be more challenging to transport. Somewhere in between could be the sweet spot for you.
For example, the Californo size V-420 pizza oven has a capacity of 4 pizzas at once, which means an hourly capacity of 120 pizzas during peak hours.

Single axle trailers have one set of wheels, while dual axle trailers have two sets of wheels. Dual axle trailers offer better stability, weight distribution, and overall towing capacity, making them more suitable for larger mobile pizza ovens and additional equipment like refrigerators and sinks.

Yes, Californo offers fully customized mobile pizza oven trailers to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can choose the type of oven, fuel source, trailer size, and additional features such as sinks, water tanks, refrigerators, and more.

A plug and play mobile pizza oven trailer is a fully equipped and ready-to-use unit, allowing you to start your pizza business with minimal setup. Any of the trailers we list from Californo come fully built and ready to use from day 1.

We do not, but we do offer Shop Pay financing options. You can choose between 3 or 12 month duration for the payment plans that you would then owe a monthly payment towards. Make sure you are ok with the interest shown, but this can be a viable option aside from getting a business loan.

Depending on your location, you may need a permit or license to operate a mobile food business. Check with your local health department and other relevant authorities to ensure you comply with all regulations and requirements. You'll want to read our guide on the topic here.

Use a combination of online and offline marketing strategies to promote your mobile pizza oven business. Create a website and utilize social media platforms to showcase your menu, share customer reviews, and advertise upcoming events. Network with local event organizers, and consider offering promotions or discounts to attract new customers.